Getting to know each client as an individual in the Discovery Process is the exciting aspect of each project!

Promotional photo taken at the Children's Zoo in Fort Wayne, IN

If it takes a climb to the top of Seneca Rocks in WV to satisfy a brochure, then that's where the camera goes!





















From photography to design and production of your marketing materials, Solis Design & Photography is dedicated to helping clients look good. Services include:

promotional and project photography - event and conference photography - and horses and animals of any kind

communication and marketing material design - coordinating  marketing programs- logo development - websites - multimedia - business & product identity - branding, language & niche identity 

As a print and web designer and photographer, Carol understands the importance of obtaining good images for the overall success of a project. When a client utilizes any or all of the talents available, money and time can be saved by not having to outsource phases of the project. 

Carol's wide range of experience has given her free-ranging versatility for photographing and developing promotional materials for:

horse farms - architects - artists - summer camps - private schools - builders - landscape designers - events, conferences - non-profit organizations - golf courses - aerial - children- pets - animals of all kinds (even kangaroos!)

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